I am so Excited to Share My Story

I have come a long way to success and am ready to help you achieve the same.

Who's Dr. Angela?

A Reinvention Artist

I’m a reinvention artist, at least that’s what my sons call me. Why? Let’s see…I started my corporate career as an Administrative Assistant for IBM and after 10 years ended my career as an Administrative Manager. I left to open a legal transcription service so that I could work from home! I believe that was my first taste of leadership and freedom, and I wanted more.


So what was next?  I got outside my comfort zone, and reinvented myself as a motivational speaker and corporate trainer…all while working on the education I failed to complete because I became a teenage mom. 

When in Doubt, Choose Change.


 Today I’m doing what I love and that’s helping leaders succeed.  I believe that my mission today is to teach as many people as I can how to succeed in life, how to be happy and live every single day with a purpose. Believe me, it isn’t hard and reading my story is already a first step. Congratulations! You are on the right track!

Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheer

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